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I would have loved to work for a company like yours. As a new hire at Lawrence Lab I was asked to order a filter with a spec I didn't think could be met. I went through the usual channels, starting with a simple one-page requirement, highlighting the one spec I thought would be a challenge. After a month long procurement process, I got to review the documents that would go out for bid. It took me a while to find the critical spec, so I circled it, and added a note with my phone number. A few days later, the head of purchasing called me in for a reprimand. "Let us do our job. We don't allow direct contact with vendors." The part arrived with laborious conformance on every detail except the one that mattered. I got a lot of pressure to sign that the part met specs. Even got some crap from my boss, because it didn't meet specs. Eventually they found a way to pay the vendor, and the part was never used.

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