Following the link for SNT, I find "page not found".

I'm curious because in biology, most dose-response curves are sigmoids if you use a semi-log plot, which corresponds to a hyperbola if you use a linear rather than a logarithmic x-axis (i.e. it's a supra-linear model).

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Nov 14, 2023·edited Nov 14, 2023Author

I should have highlighted the Tamura City numbers in Table 1. At Tamura City, the PEAK dose rates were less than the AVERAGE dose rates in high natural background areas such as portions of the Kerala coast.\cite{nair-2009} Nair et all found no increase in cancer in the high dose rate districts. SNT is consistent with this non-effect. The SNT total compensation for the 40,000 citizens of Tamura is $105. But for LNT, the collective dose results in a total compensation of 29 million dollars.

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