Very impressive and useful research.

Aside regarding Double Ended Guillotine Break (DEGB): The requirements associated with that absurd scenario are what drove mPower, NuScale, GE, Westinghouse, and Holtec to come up with novel and surprisingly expensive light water reactor designs that use integral pressure vessels that allow them to virtually eliminate primary piping.

It's a lot easier and cheaper to manufacture smaller, separate pressure vessels for the reactor, pressurizer and steam generators and connect them up with pipes, valves and pumps than to try to cram everything into a very tall vessel. O&M is also easier (aka cheaper).

Source: 3 yrs worth of engineering discussions at B&W mPower

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Interestink! I've often wondered why we have so many Integral this and Integral that designs. The reason was staring me in the face. Good to know. Thanks.

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