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You have put a lot of expertise, thought and work into your writing. However, there is way too much for me to direct people to READ THIS. Please take your A files, consolidate them by topic, and give me a direct link URL for each topic. I can then enter the URLs in my Nuclear Power Table of Contents. Others may wish to do the same. You may wish to further edit some of the A files for ease of understanding by a novice. Under each topic order the information such that terms such as LNT (Linear No Threshold) are explained before they are used. Please make sure that the author's name and the time of the last update appears within each file. These must be factual information files, not blog files. If you solicit comment, please refer the readers back to the Gordian Knot. I have no time to manage blog traffic.


Charles Rhodes

Xylene Power Ltd.

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Hate being lied to. For years I felt a negative tint to nuclear power but accepted it was negative because the $2.3 Billion / yr Anti-Nuclear industrial Complex said so. Ignorance, fear and $$$ are their allies I have the same outrage as Ed does when the lies are exposed. However the $$$ provides incentive to Censor.

LNT documentary fallout


Edward Calabrese

Censure the Censors (linkedin.com)

Censure the Censors

Did the HPS Board of Directors Censure a Past President for Exposing an Attempted Cover-Up of Radiation Research? A $500 billion cleanup bogged down. Taxpayer dollars wasted.


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